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Hi! Grab a cup of coffee and learn some about me. I love to create quality and creative products that fulfill your dreams and needs. My mission is to design a better visual identity that helps the client's business to look awesome. I like in the process of the creating, to tie a relationship with the client to create a visual identity similar with the clients needs and wishes. What defines me the best, is - keep it simple but strong. Simple is the best way to a good understanding. Do not hesitate to ask more questions, I sure will. I need to know as many details for a better understanding

Logo Design

The logo is the most important visual element that helps a business to distinguish itself. It also tells a story about your business history or future. Kroundr take the time to get to know more about the client and his company. Kroundr will make sure that the client's image resonates with his needs and preferences. The client will receive a high-impact visual identity for his business in a creative and unique direction.


A brand isn't just a simple logo, a brand is your business. You need a professionally and clean designed stationery that can put in light your business personality. A well made stationery can make a good impression and in the same time can open a way to potential clients.

Web Design

Mostly, a web interface is the first thing that has a strong impact on the eye. This requires an interface designed in a way that can interact with the customer more easily. A web design is not just about combining more elements, pictures and some words, it's about an serious image of you and your company that can have an powerful impact on a customer. This is why at kroundr, we will do research about your business customers and competitiors in order to express visually your business in the best way.

About Kroundr

Kroundr has an experience of 5 years in graphic design: logo design & branding, web design, and worked with clients from all over the world such as Australia, America and Europe. Kroundr adapts very easy , working around multiple time-zones. Take a look at the  portfolio section and you’ll see more than creative skills. Kroundr is used to get the pencil and a piece of paper and sketch the first ideas, before switching it on the computer, having creative and unique results.

Logo design


Web design


We create right digital story for you! Firstly we analyze and provide the strategies that aid you to communicate trough the correct digital pathways.


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Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks.
But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works.



  • Rick Smith - Asheville
  • Dirk Schade - Lebenslang Fit
  • Ron Voon - Rocket Innovation Group


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